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Motorcycles & Me

A bunch of my motorcycling buddies decided to convert passion into an organisations goal and that gave birth to our new venture – MOTODREAMZ. We are a group of 10 motorcycle riders each coming with a different skill-set. As a team we executed one of our many Auto events this month . On the occasion of world motorcycle day we got multiple global motorcycling brands and a select set of motoring legends along with 1250+ riders all under one roof.

What was really interesting to see was the way the entire MOTODREAMZ team (which runs this company apart from their individual main revenue streams) shared responsibilities based on their core strengths . I took up sales and sponsorship discussions along with Rahul Sancheti who is a Raid The Himalayas rally navigator. Someone took up art work , one of the team mates took up social media ….. vintage bike display , security , volunteer co-ordination , food , stage events and content , registration and online ticketing …..etc etc.

What I am trying to say is when there is a will and a passion to make it happen , there is a way to get things done.

MOTODAY 2015 saw a group of 60+ Pune startup CEO’s join the CEO Ride . It was great to see the fearless attitude of these budding entrepreneurs when they rode at zipping speeds through the heavy rain in the ghats of Lavasa. As I always say , bikers and entrepreneurs have 1 thing in common – “Both have the guts to ride uncharted territories.”


When we talk of motorcycling there is an instant connect with your true self. The bike most often shows the riders attitude. We have the racers , cruisers , vintages , off-roaders, super bikers and so on. What is common though is the love for riding and the unadulterated brotherhood that comes with it ( we are now creating content to use this approach in team building workshops ).

Most of us who are in the corporate or business world some times forget that we do this hard labor for our family , society and our country. What we forget most often is to take a break and do something as wild as riding in the rains with our kids , or take them to work and show them what we do .On MOTODAY we saw fathers with kids , businessmen with their beer buddies , guys with their girlfriends all sharing this passion for experiences.

Listening to motorcycling legends who have ridden the length and breadth of India , some who rode from Pune to Singapore and back was a feast for the bikers . The bikers who came for motoday now know that there are folks who have been there done that and there are no upper limits to the experiences one can get while riding.

In conclusion I will say that the reason for sharing this post on linked-in instead of on Facebook is to wake up all you guys and make you believe that sparing time for something you are passionate about , getting together a group who shares this passion , can result in a profit making organisation. Never let age , designations and ego come between you and your passion.

Hope to see the other side of you soon ………….!!!

Neeraj Athalye

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