Motoday – Celebrating the free spirit of Motorcycling.
Freedom has been the epitome of humanity right since the start and there have been various forms of depicting it across the world. Motorcycling as we know it has been at the helm of it. The only person to understand the joy what a dog experiences when sticking its face out of the window, is a motorcyclist.
June 21st is celebrated as a world motorcycling day across the world and why would India treat it any differently. Motoday is one such event which celebrates the free spirit of Motorcycling irrespective of creed or notion. If you have your Motorcycle, hop on and come join the celebrations.
Motoday is a symposium where likeminded individuals, differentiated by make, style and genres of motorcycling come together to celebrate their differences and rejuvenate the free spirit of Motorcycling
The gala event is celebrated in and around June 21 on the occasion of World Motorcycling Day. Every year riders from different geographies and genres of riding join the event to appreciate the ‘free spirit of motorcycling’
The event starts with registration of the riders riding in, which is followed up with an interactive session, Do It Yourself (DIY) session and many more engaging activities. Among the crowd pullers are the bikes on display which come with rich history and heritage. With a display ranging from the technological advanced litre class bikes to the vintage arena some of which have been used for racing in the yesteryears.
Motoday has been a fiesta and treat for motorcycling enthusiast across all ages and was a Sunday well spent.
“Driving a car is like watching a film, but riding a Motorcycle is featuring in it”