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Our Mission

Have you ever looked at a biker all geared up in fancy leather and a daunting headgear zooming past you with an air of nonchalance, and thought, “Man I wish I had done this when I could!!”? Have you ever looked at a rally car and wondered why does it take two to compete in a rally? Have you ever looked at an SUV and thought “Will it really perform if I take it off road??” If you have similar questions and want to experience the answers, MotoDreamz has the answer. There are dreamers, who may or may not be led to believe in their dreams enough to act upon them. We, at MotoDreamz are constantly striving to make doers out of the many dreamers and believers of the motoring world. Driven by passion, these unique bunch of auto enthusiasts are determined to make a significant contribution to the motoring community. Shared passion translates to unlimited possibilities, and few bonds in life are tighter than a group of passionate bikers, exploring the world together and creating memories on wheels. “With Millions of miles under our belt we have the experience on the road and the understanding of a motoring enthusiast to know what it takes.” says Amey Thorat of MotoDreamz. “Motorists have egos which are sky high, however, deep inside they are all the same people who enjoy spending time with his/her family, have a drink with their friends and enjoy each others company. We want all of us to collaborate and give the motoring fraternity a platform where they can explore, engage and interact with each other.” says Prafuul Sancheti of MotoDreamz. With the ever-evolving market, it’s the consumer that decides the fate of the product and not the other way around. MotoDreamz is the platform that bridges the gap; Connect & Experience is their goal, empowering motoring enthusiasts to connect with auto manufacturers and get a first hand experience of the true potential of their machines.

Our Story

The first step towards this was to create a platform for motoring enthusiasts, irrespective of the make, power or style of their motorcycles to come together and share the passion and know-how they possess on motoring. Thus was born Motoday. MOTODAY is the brainchild of MotoDreamz, to ensure that the legacy of motoring is not lost in the ever-changing motoring arena. The first ‘Motoday’ chapter was organized within merely five days, where 300+ riders participated to make the event a grand success on World Motorcycling Day. This event is only for the truly self-respecting and passionate rider, as the biking fraternity sets out from all corners of the country to gather at one place in a splendid display of brotherhood. Participants vary between the age groups of 18 to 60, hailing from diverse walks of life and career, cemented by the passion for motoring. Hence the tag line of Motoday – Celebrate the free spirit of Motorcycling. Riding on the success of Motoday, we approached a few OEM’s with the idea to seamlessly connect enthusiasts with the creators themselves. Mercedes GLA Adventure, Bhor Offroad 4X4 adventure trail, are some of the marquee events executed by MotoDreamz. This led to the metamorphosis of a budding motoring startup into a full throttle organization. There has been no looking back from there and MotoDreamz has been dishing out back to back motoring events, all meeting with huge success. We are just beginning the second year of our journey and we already have a set our mark in the motoring arena with events that have made motorists sit up and take notice. With events such as Motoday, Royal Enfield Rider Mania, 4X4 Off-road adventure, Mercedes GLA Adventure, Taste of Triumph and Tiger Training Academy in the pipeline, Team MotoDreamz is definitely riding the high road ahead.

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MotoDreamz Team

MotoDreamz is all because of its teams, its family. Take a look at our team members and connect with them on social media to share your motoring experience with them